Articles and Commentary

U.S. capitalism: The key 2020 battleground

Trump’s legacy might just be how American faith in capitalism began to truly wither on his watch.

An impending yellow vest moment for the US?

France has been gripped by them, but the yellow vest movement has so far failed to take hold elsewhere.

Globalization and its discontents: How the Trump/Brexit movements might herald New World Orders

Trump and the Leave campaign share many common political themes — the end result could be chaos.

My adventures in Hemingway: How I lived out a novel at odds with the modern world

As a young man in Europe, I immersed myself in the work of a master. What I learned changed me forever.

Champagne for shams: The insane opulence of tech bubbles

At the height of the dot-com boom, lavish parties were in greater supply than killer ideas. Is history repeating?